Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lucky Lips

Ok folks!
This is the band to check out in 2009! And yes....I'm in it... hehe, selling my own ass!

We consist of seven people, girls and boys and we play acoustic/bluegrass music! We have played together for about a year and a half and we're still all cuddly 
loving each-other! I'm the youngest one and i might give the others quite trip sometimes with my weird way of being, buuutt it all works out! And...i'm not the only one acting childish:P 

We have played all over Norway and we've been to
 Sweeden as well spreading our love for the music! Come check us out if you're around. 

You can check out our 
music at, a web page made by our fantastic man who's a eight member of the band his instrument being the computer and a camera, plus a very creative mind! He's taken these pictures as well. Kjetil B
endicsen is his name.

We have a myspace as well;
And our mail if anyone wants to contact us;

Look at our pictures and enjoy!
Lucky Lips rocks!

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