Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hello, little boy

I'm a little western boy today. And i'm likn' it!

Shirt: use to be my dad's, jeans: Acne, hair clip used as bow tie: unknown, shoes: UFF.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Young musician on her way somewhere...

Me from when we played in Sarpsborg a couple of weeks ago. It was great fun!!
Check us out at!!

Photo by Eskil Olsen.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Fashion through centuries..

Photo by the amazing Louise Larsen Maier! I love that she asked me to model for this shoot!!


Last nights bangles!

Last night! Skirt - vintage, shoes - Acne, top - Monki, top underneath top - H&M.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Bluegrass night out!

 Scarf - Monki, Shoes - Acne, jacket - H&M, Jeans - Urban Outfitters, top - vintage, bag - vintage

And then, to day: Coffee and good times with a gooood friend! So nice.. (Her bag and gloves)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Early morning smokey eyes

Right out of the shower, my make up from last night has been turned in to early morning smokey eyes.

Party like it's party time!

 We were both pretty sparkly last night. Me with my hot pants and Dr.S with his shiny horse!

 "Krølle" is showing us some rad dance moves!

 Somewhere in the jungle....

I'm wearing: Vintage top, hot pants - H&M, tights - vintage, belt - vintage.

The hours before we go crazy!

The X-mas beer is here! And we just had to have a liiittle taste...
We're going out to a birthday party tonight. Just have to figure out what to wear...!

I love this shirt. One of the most comfortable garments i own!

Friday, 5 November 2010

Let's have breakfast!!

So, here is me in a little tired version. I'm on my way to the store to buy breakfast. Wearing shoes by Sweedish Hasbeens, vintage sweater, DKNY dress, tights borrowed from a friend and a look that says: I'm not sure i've gottn' enough sleep...

Marvelous breakfast!! 

Soo, i decided to be a really good girlfriend today and make my boyfriend a really good breakfast!
If we have been out on a night on the town one of us is usually quite hung over the next day, but the good news is that we are very seldom hung over the same mornings. So if i am he makes me breakfast, and if he is i make him breakfast! That's definitely something i can live with.

Right now he's in the shower, but he promised me coffee when he's done...
I feel lucky <3


I'm sorta irritated right now, cause a lot of the pictures i took last night somehow got deleted or just didn't get loaded on to my computer and then got deleted.. i don't know, but that means that the outfit pictures i took yesterday are gone=(, and the photos from the beginning of the night. I only have photos from the last place we went last night.
-And that was the launch of NATT&DAG. What a great night!! Kristin, a close friend i haven't seen in suuuch a long time, came down and we ended up being a really nice group of people. Ahh...
Before this we were at a party thrown by my boyfriends record label. Also really nice, free drinks and mini burgers! HOHO

Today: Find out why photos get deleted!

To day...tired:P

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Purple to match the rain

I've been in all day writing and looking for jobs. But i had to go out for an hour or so to do some freelance work. Since i had just been in with my cozy pants on i really wanted to still feel cozy out in the rain, so i threw on this amazingly soft Acne sweater, tights from Gina Tricot  and my favourit rain boots from Melissa/Vivienne Westwood. Just a soft, cuddly outfit (pjay;) for an hour at work.

Tomorrow i think i'm gonna try out a new hair style! Can't wait!

Let's see if this works...

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Dree e e e

If i still had my "white"-blond hair i would so be hoppin' on the two colored hair trend!

Two colored and naked glamour with Dree Hemingway.


Love these photos from BLEND magazine..

Model: Iris Van Berne
Photography: Shamila
Styling: Amber Myhre Bosch

Pictures from: