Monday, 5 January 2009

my favourite place in the world

names i love

People you might like.

Gillian Welch- favourite songwriter
Brennen Leigh- favourite songwriter/singer/person
Norah Jones- music, early stuff as well as the little willies
Riccy Skaggs -bluegrass musician
Tim O'Brien - bluegrass musician
The Lonesome River band - bluegrass band
Dan Tyminski - bluegrass musician
Pushwagner - Artist
Felicien Rops - Artist
Jolie Holland - musician
Devon Sproule - musician
Ivar Brynildsen - favourite musician
Stacey Earle - favourite musician
Pat Metheny - guitarist
Allison Krauss - favourite musician
Ella Fitzgerald - amazing musician

I'll update this now and many name, only so much finger power to write with at the time. 


Ok! What's up with the new trend of a second skin? I don't know but i love and embrace it!

Ever since i started wearing longs as a kid i've been fascinated by these long extra legs. 
I remember when
 i was in kindergarden, if i was wearing a dress and longs the longs would stretch and stretch till i walked around with flapping feet of fabric that were double the size of my own feet.

But now, it's easier wearing these tight pieces of clothing. I kind of got a hang of it now! Luckily a few things actually get better when your older. Now i want them in any color, fabric and seam i can possibly get my hands on! 

I went to Liverpool a couple of weeks ago a

nd bought, i thi
nk, ten different pairs. Black, star-patterned, blue batik, back-seamed, purple, yellow so on and so on. My favourite right now is my leathery ones. Even-though i do have leathers pants(which i love) their nice for a cleaner look with a short dress over or just a long t-shirt or blazer. 

But the two pairs i am missing though are the velvet ones and the pvc ones. god i need'em! 

You can use tights with anything! Their even more "usable" than the little black one everyones talking about! "The little tight ones" are more my style mi pallios! I love wearing them with my new shiny sky-high ankle boots or my worn out all stars.

I got some pretty cool stockings this xmas as well from mi madre, by Agent Provocateur. This is one of'em. 

Well, just had to express my love for this little fantastic garment that gets so neglected when there's talk about style or fashion, even-though most of us gals are wearing'em!...but screw that, they know their awsome and they got us buying'em!!
Go buy awsome cheap tights, they rule! And resycle my friends!( I'm not kidding, this world is important... even-though a lot of people sure hasn't realized it! )

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Lucky Lips

Ok folks!
This is the band to check out in 2009! And yes....I'm in it... hehe, selling my own ass!

We consist of seven people, girls and boys and we play acoustic/bluegrass music! We have played together for about a year and a half and we're still all cuddly 
loving each-other! I'm the youngest one and i might give the others quite trip sometimes with my weird way of being, buuutt it all works out! And...i'm not the only one acting childish:P 

We have played all over Norway and we've been to
 Sweeden as well spreading our love for the music! Come check us out if you're around. 

You can check out our 
music at, a web page made by our fantastic man who's a eight member of the band his instrument being the computer and a camera, plus a very creative mind! He's taken these pictures as well. Kjetil B
endicsen is his name.

We have a myspace as well;
And our mail if anyone wants to contact us;

Look at our pictures and enjoy!
Lucky Lips rocks!

Dancing queen

Well good day my fellow sunday'ers!

Ok, i had A BLAST last night!!
Some friends and myself went out last night to this place called Ryes at Grynerl√łkka in Oslo. It's a 50's place with both food, beer, drinks and popcorn(yeey!). And now and then they clear a part of the floor so people can dance. I'm not talking about da
ncing to like trance or hip hop music, nope nope, you're dancing to the best of the music from the 50's and girls and boys are dancing WITH each-other for real. SO much fun! 

I wanna go dance to night as well! I already have a craving and thats only after last night!

I was wearing my highwasted Cheap Monday bright-blue jeans, my black tip stilettos from top-shop, a grey and black striped t-shirt and my favourit cap and painted my eyes with the black eyeliner that is a must for me everyday, and the i danced like hell! I'll put out some pictures later if i find any!

SO: everyone who's over 20 and who lives or visits or pas trough Oslo, You should really check out this place. Especially if you like 50's music and nice prices in the bar!

Ryes rocks!!