Monday, 31 January 2011

When you have lost your words, you have found Preen.

Gahh..gaah.. What's happening? Am I drooling? Yep.. I think I am.. And here's why:

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I think i have a thing for skirts?

Sooo. Five years ago i wasn't really comfortable wearing skirts, don't know why, but the last four years i've totally fallen in love. Probably because i "found" myself a bit more growing up. Here are three of my favourits so far from the Pre Fall 2011 collections.

This first one is from ACNE's Pre Fall 2011 collection. I really, really love this fabric!!! Really... really like it..

This one is from Francesco Scognamiglio Pre Fall 2011 collection. I'm not crazy 'bout the boots, but i am loving the blouse and skirt together!

And finally... Ah... What can i say? I just adore it! It's from Luca Luca's Pre Fall 2011 collection. It really reminds me of a skirt i have that my grandma used to wear when she was young. It has the same sort of belt and if you couple it with a blouse, it's just like a little piece of heaven!

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Nudles? Now, that takes me back...

I get distracted quite easily... as you might have guessed...

In need of a job....!

Soooo... I'm sitting here, in my pink bath robe, surfing the net in search for a job. Why are there so many weird jobs? And why are there so few of the type of jobs that i want? Je ne se pa(pretend french)

I guess i'll try to make some phone calls, send some e-mails and smile a pretty smile adn...well, se what happens!

Wish me luuuuck!!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Put some flowers in my hair and tell me that you care

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ChloƩ Pre Fall 2011

I just really fell for this outfit. It has a little bit of that cowboy feel to it that i really love!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Send 7 til 6600!!

People, people, people!! The Lucky Bullets, known for being an awsome rockabilly band, is taking part in Grand Prix this year. And they are playing tonight! If you like really cool music with a dash of old time coolness: THIS is the band you wanna vote for!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Row Pre Fall 2011

There are so many of The Row's clothes from this collection that i would love to have. Here are my selected pieces..: