Friday, 5 November 2010


I'm sorta irritated right now, cause a lot of the pictures i took last night somehow got deleted or just didn't get loaded on to my computer and then got deleted.. i don't know, but that means that the outfit pictures i took yesterday are gone=(, and the photos from the beginning of the night. I only have photos from the last place we went last night.
-And that was the launch of NATT&DAG. What a great night!! Kristin, a close friend i haven't seen in suuuch a long time, came down and we ended up being a really nice group of people. Ahh...
Before this we were at a party thrown by my boyfriends record label. Also really nice, free drinks and mini burgers! HOHO

Today: Find out why photos get deleted!

To day...tired:P


Anonymous said...

Was a great night!!! You know, best pics are taken always at the end of the night after some beers! :)

Malin said...

Haha, yeah! Let's hope that's true! Thanks for the encouragement=)