Sunday, 28 December 2008

Cut loose!

Yes, i just cut my hair! The lovely hairdresser was Laila, amazing woman! 
I wanted a change, and here it is!

What do ya think cutie-pie?


Well, i have to write a little bit about past events; I recently went to visit my friends back in liverpool! It was so much fun! ....and i spent way to much money...unfortunatly, aaand very pleasant... Finaly i got the leather pants i've always wanted, perfect fit! I also got myself some shiny shiny high-heeled ankle-boots. And of course, t-shirts, vintage dresses and a bag and more. Liverpool is a great place for vintage shooping! With stores like Raiders, 69A, POPbutique and bullet. 

And of course i got to see my beautiful friends again! I stayed with Monikiki and Guro and we had a blast! Went out, stayed in bought food, made food, went to see a play (that was great by the way) and just hung out! 

U see, i used to study in Liverpool, at LIPA, it's a music/acting/dance school. I had some fun, but the best part was all of the wonderfull people...and of course...the vintage shops!

U should all go there if u get the chance. I do have to tell u though, the city takes some getting used to, but u'll like it, i'm sure! Cause ur so pretty.

Have a blast people!


How can anyone resist these delicious bites from Urban Outfitters?! They are just extremely cute and girly, and sometimes, that's exactly what we need!

They are indeed small lipgloss'es in muffin-shaped gloss-containers! They have a brighter colour in real life than on the picture, but you get the idea;) ...Since u're so smart!

Favourit artist

Check this guy out, he's one of my favourit artists. From Belgium, and his name is Felicien Rops.

His drawings and paintings consist of often sexual images, but, not just that. They are often situated in a situation that is quite morbid, erotic, scary, bautiful, ful of contrast, but most of all it's raw. He sais what he wants to say and he's not afraid to do so, it's the same with the characters in his work. 

I simply can't get enough!

Jul og nyttår!

Well, i guess it's christmas again....and weeee LOVES it! 

I can not get enough of this wonderful season of joy and smiles! But, it's not all fun. First of all it's hard for people who actually don't have anyone to experience this joy with, and second of all the juletide is all about true caring and not just the "i love you" now and then, actions speak louder than words... 

Please share with me if you have christmas-stories i should read or hear:D

NOW: To one of the things christmas involves ... what did u get?

I got two sets of Agent Provocateur from my mum, i also got Hold-ups and stockings from AP. 
Ap is one of my favourit lingerie brands. They have a perfect fit for me and i love their pin-up/classic collections!

I got some gorgeous pair of leather gloves, from Designers Remix. They are perfect here in Norway during winter(Cause it's cooollld!). 

I also got some beautiful air-rings from a store that i love, So Sophie, located at Paleet in Oslo. 

I got a great cardigan in wool with stones in the buttons, really cute:) Super perfect over a pin-up outfit during the winter!

A got money, an awsome sign from my brother that looks like a car-plate with my name on it, jeey!

i got some cute 50's ear-rings, a cute lollipop and a magnetic pin-up plate from my friend Mari, such a cute gift!

And then dvd's, books and lotions:) JEEY! Great christmas! And i got to spend it with both sides of my family, thats the very best part!<3

Merry christmas and a very happy newyear! You're hot;) 

PS: I'll post pictures later!