Monday, 27 December 2010

MANDOLIN for christmas!

My boyfriend is freakn' amazing! He got me my first mandolin! I love it and of course i started to cry when i opened it (as you can see in this photo).
I got something else that made me jump as well, an ACNE dress that i've been looking at for so long!
Tonight i'm playing a gig at Dattra til Hagen on Grønland and i'm going to wear my new ACNE dress! And it's gonna match my guitar: They're both black.

You should come down and join us! Starts at 20.00. Anna Lena, who's playing after me, is amazing!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Mad Men

Fun birthday party with Mad Men theme. Right up my ally! Took me sometime to decide which of the dresses in my little collection to wear.

----> HOME!

Came home with some gifts for me and some gifts for my baby. Extremely irritating that some of the pictures are the wrong way, they're not like that in iPhoto=( Weeell.. Looks cozy though, ha?


Going home---

 Tired! Got up at like 5..

Packing...i had way to much stuff i had to bring back home...

New rings!

New rings <3 Really shitty quality on the pics, but, you get an impression!


This was AMAZING!! We took a train trip to Louisiana, the Modern art gallery, and, wow...:

Mum, waiting for tha train!


We were so ready for this to be a really, really relaxing trip, so when we got hungry the second evening, we desided to order in=) And the hotel did NOT let us down! Lovely Tapas and my mum had bought pretty sweet sweets for us earlier that day=)