Sunday, 18 March 2012

Back from the studio... good night!

We're now almost completely done with recording. There are only two minor details left and then we're gonna mix it like the best drink you've every had!

Stian, looking like he just saw something crazy... or like someone just kicked him in the you-know-whats.
You can see the back head and neck of our fantastic producer/technician here; Henrik Maarud - "More machine than man". He is the best and we love his work and the fact that he wants to work with us!
His brother popped in for a chat as well, the eminent Amund Maarud. Fabulous guys, both of them.

Now i'm home and very ready for bed...
 Good night dear all! Sleep tight and enjoy your time of...

Studio time again!!

I am now waiting for the guitarist in Lucky Lips to pick me up and then we're setting out in to the woods and the barn studio where we are recording our album. We're going to do the final vocal takes today and then we're ready to start mixing it.
 I'm feeling quite creative, so i have a good feeling about today's session.
Wearing comfertable clothes is a must for me when being it the studio... And i simply love my teddybear sweater.

Looking tired?...Neeeh...

Tie me a bow

Here's another new piece in my neckline-accessories pile. I absolutely love this!!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'd do anything for a Nudie Suit

A Nuide Suit isn't just a grament by a brand it's a fenomenon! A style, a storyteller and the history of country as it should be.

Nudie Cohn was a tailor, the first one to put rhinestones on clothing. It stared in the 1930's and with him making g-strings for showgirls at that time. He quickly moved up and became the the Rhinestone Cowboy.

Circa 1970′s, Los Angeles, CA– Nudie costomized each of his many cadillacs, protecting his work with plastic. This one is decorated with silver dollar coins and 14 various guns. –Image by © Jeff Albertson

His wife Bobbie

His suits became iconic. And everybody who was somebody big at that time in country influenced music wore his suits.

Now i'm browsing the net just looking at them... they are truly amazing and has inspired some of the great fashion houses to day. From MIU MIU's cummer collection 2010:

Pictures from:

Not made up

Hello, again!

I want to talk about something that for me is quite important; Made up VS. not made up.

I know there are girls out there who can't walk out the door without make up on. And i understand that there might be personal things behind that, that i can't argue with BUT i just want to cheer on the getting-used-to-your-face-without-make-up-on. I am not writing the following because i think i know what's right for everyone else. This is just some thoughts that i have, some things that i have thought about. It might not be right for anyone but me.
I have had loads of girls say to me; "But i'm so ugly without my make up on!" And personally i think that's just because you don't know your face anymore. It's become a strager to you. You see someone else when you look into the mirror, someone who doesn't look like their best potential.
I used to feel that way as well. But then i got used to it. Suddenly the un-made up face in the mirror was me! And that was the canvas i had to work with. Now that was the face that defined me, and it made my options countless when it came to what to do with it.

The face you've got underneath your make up might feel like a stranger for some because we so often cover our face with products, and as an extention of that a lot of girls don't feel pretty unless they're wearing make up.

I got to a point in my life where i had spent so much effort and time on trying to fit in and look beautiful that i always felt like i had to do something with myself and my face to feel that way. And i though; I don't want this to be my life. I don't want to have the things that i do to my self and my face and body to be what defines me with others. I want to be able to stand in the middle of a room with loads of gorgeous people and fell pretty though i'm not wearing make up. I want to be comfertable with the blank slate that a face is.
Don't get me wrong, i LOVE make up and all that comes with it. I just don't want it to be something i feel that i have to do in order for me to feel good about myself. I want it to be something i can choose to do because i want to do it and something i can play with. I don't want it to be a task or something filled with the fear of not looking good enough.

So now a days i almost never wear make up on week days. And i'm not saying this is something that everybody should do, cause i know that for some people that would just not feel right. Some can have skin problems and for some their make up is a part of their personality. It would just be awsome is more people felt more comfertable in their own skin.
Like i said, this might not be right for a lot of people, i just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject and how much better i feel about myself now that i recognize my face in the mirror every morning and don't feel like a stranger to myself without make up on.

Ah, you're all lovely no matter what you choose to do! These are just my thoughts.. 

Cutting my hair!

So... i wanted long hair for a looong time. And i KNOW that when you do you should cut your hair so and so often. But... i fell for the temptation that a lot of girls who want long hair do; They just don't cut it. And it ends up being long, but not so healthy.

So i decided to cut it myself last week:P Not because i'm good at cutting my own hair, but just because i wanted to..
 Am i really doing this?!
 You bet ya!
 Hmm..but how...
 I'm loosing some length..

 And this is how it ended up. You might not be eble to see that big of a change:P But i do! Haha..
 And i'm going to try to cut it regulary in the future.. And hopefully i'll get the long and healthy hair i want!

Country is my home!

So these are the first pictures of my new bolo tie and collor tip collection. I can't wait to buy more!!

Buffalo head:

This pair i just could leave behind

Aaaahh!!! They're amazing!!

A loos braid is the perfect laidback hairstyle..

Haha... me, my bathroom and my camera.. ahh, what a relaxed combo..

Golden eagle:

 I love this dress as well! It's one of my grandmother's old dresses. Can't wait to wear it all year!!
 I also love pairing this with this striped shirt for a bit more of a strickt look.

Bolo tie! I love this...

I'll show you some more later:)

Two years of fun

So me and my man celebrated two years together the other day. We went out for dinner at Arakataka, like we normally do when we have something we want to kling our glasses together for!

 Wearing one of my favourite dresses at the moment. It's from Stine Goya and i was fortunate enough to find it at a one-night-sale in Copenhagen.

 And my favourite coat again... By Deigners Remix.

 Food wa lovely as always at Arakataka
 Cava for the kids!
And my favourit drink...a good and spicy Bloody Mary..

I've got the best man in the world and i feel so fortunate to have found him.