Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dancing queen

Well good day my fellow sunday'ers!

Ok, i had A BLAST last night!!
Some friends and myself went out last night to this place called Ryes at Grynerl√łkka in Oslo. It's a 50's place with both food, beer, drinks and popcorn(yeey!). And now and then they clear a part of the floor so people can dance. I'm not talking about da
ncing to like trance or hip hop music, nope nope, you're dancing to the best of the music from the 50's and girls and boys are dancing WITH each-other for real. SO much fun! 

I wanna go dance to night as well! I already have a craving and thats only after last night!

I was wearing my highwasted Cheap Monday bright-blue jeans, my black tip stilettos from top-shop, a grey and black striped t-shirt and my favourit cap and painted my eyes with the black eyeliner that is a must for me everyday, and the i danced like hell! I'll put out some pictures later if i find any!

SO: everyone who's over 20 and who lives or visits or pas trough Oslo, You should really check out this place. Especially if you like 50's music and nice prices in the bar!

Ryes rocks!!

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