Monday, 9 July 2012

Vinstra Countryfestival

This weekend we went up to Vinstra to play at a really nice festival there.

We were taken extremly good care of and our stay from Thursday till Sunday was very memorable.

Lucky Lips played to shows during the festival. One on a smaller stage and one on the main stage.

I also did two shows with the amazing band A11 who arranged Vinstra Opry.

Our good friends Brennen Leigh, Noel MacKay, Seth Hulbert and Beth Chrisman also played the festival. They are such fine musicians and i feel very lucky to have them as my friends. Noel MacKay's sets were amazing and i never wanted them to end.

We came home last night(i was so tired!) and had to pack for the next two weeks before we webt to bed. Today i am going to Risør Bluegrassfestival and i am stating there till Thursday after we've (lucky lips) have played our show.

Then we're going to Breim countrytreff on Friday to play, then Vikedal Rootsfestival on Saturday and THEN i'm going on a holiday for a week. Yeey!

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