Wednesday, 4 July 2012

First time in a long time!


Since i write this blog to keep my self busy when i feel creative there's not always a hole lot of bloging going on. This last year has been crazy, and these last few months has been extreme, so i haven't really had the time. I hope i can fit in some posts during this tour so you can see what my life is all about, but i also know i can't promiss anything:)

Last night we played in Risør with some of our American friends; Brennen Leigh, Beth Chrisman, Noel MacKay and Seth Hulbert. They're some of the best musicians you'll ever hear and it's so inspiring to play with them.

We got back really late and i had to go to work early this morning, so now i'm flat out on the sofa.

Tomorrow we're going to Vinstra to play, for the hole weekend. I can't wait! There are always great jams there.

Hopefully i'll get some good pictures i can show you:)

Falling a sleep now... Good afternoon!

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