Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Alice - You taaake me to Wonderland!!

So, well... When i saw these i just couldn't stop thinking about them! So... I went and bought them the next day... jupp i did! How amazing are they?!

Now i just have to wait for our first gig of the year so i can wear them!!!

I also really want to own the Audreys:

They WILL be mine!! Moooaahahahaha!!!(evil laugh... don't know why..)

And at the end of this little shoe story i have GOT to show you the shoes i got from my boyfriend this christmas!
These beautiful craaazy green stilettos by Marlene Birger:

This picture does not do them justice so i'm gonna post a picture of them on my foot and you'll hopefully get the picture.

Enjoy your day ;)

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