Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Marianne Theodorsen- Let's all be amazed!

Marianne Theodorsen: Fresh, fashionable, inspirational and drop dead gorgeous! She's the fashion it-girl that dares to be! I really wanted to tell you about her and her blog, so i decided to do a post on her. Many of you probably already know who she is, but there is no harm in looking at a wonderful thing twice;) And i know you're gonna like what you're about to see!

In this picture..(When i first saw it i just smiled, and smiled, and...well, smiled. It is SO good!) you'll see one of those perfect combos that Marianne is known for. It's perfect! The black, with the ring and the sunglasses, the lipstick. Enjoy and be amazed.

If there is one blog that you really need to check out, it's hers: styledevil.com She posts outfit pictures, inspirational stories on people who inspire her, and the oh so awsome "Monday Bonanza" which is a string of pictures with a theme that binds them together.

I love rock music, but i am not a rock musician. It is the same with me a jewelry, i don't wear it that much my self, but i absolutely LOVE it! And Marianne is somewhat known for her "jewld'up" arms. She pulls it of so perfectly! ....note to self: wear more jewelry.

I love her short hair and i think she wears it so good. She has this tough and rough thing going in her outfits a lot, but at the same time, she always manage to keep some sort of fragile femininity to it, that is not at all weak, just amazing and wonderful!

Norway needs souls like Marianne's, who dare to be what they are! She has an amazing knowledge and interest when it comes to fashion and is truly inspiring.

www.styledevil.com is waiting for ya...!

Photos from: www.styledevil.com, Eirik Slyngstad, Ingrid Pop,  stockholmstreetstyle.com and Streetfsn.co 

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Lisa Le Calvez said...

I really like this post and her style! :) http://thedangerousworldoffashion.blogspot.com