Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dare to be! Who or what ever you are...

Inspiration, that's what we're all looking for, right? You can get it through music, books, paintings and now and then people can inspire us. When you’re inspired, you can use it to what ever you want. I use it in my work of course, but i also use it when it comes to how i’m living my life. Designers and fashion photographs have always inspired me when it comes to style and clothes, but when i discovered the people behind all of the beautiful clothes and faces it inspired me in terms of being proud of that weird dress i wore to school. Cause i though it was awsome!      
Fam Irvoll. Photo
When the new wave of style hit Norway it hit a country that was a little scared, a little to shy to let out what they had on the inside and show it on the outside. We saw models every day dressed up in fabulous clothes, awsome make up and colors to die for, but it took some time for us to dear to dress ourselfs up. I have always been incredibly interested in fashion, clothes and design, but i always felt a bit weird walking down the street in my shiny shorts, pink lipstick and heels that were to high for Oslo streets. But NOW, everywhere a cross the country we are popping up, claiming our right to walk these streets. We feel like we belong! People like Marianne Theodorsen,
Fam Irvoll, Tina Haagensen and other incredible folks are giving us a face, and courage. I've always worn what i wanted to wear, but know i can smile on the inside if people don't "get it", and that feels so good!      
I remember when i was 13, i got a military skirt from my grandma. She had worn it when she was young. This was when the military fashion had just returned in it's high fashion form. I remember reading about it in Vogue, being so proud that i now had my very own military skirt. I couldn’t wait to wear it! Butt when i came to school wearing the skirt people hated it. On my way home I wasn't sad, i was just curious: Why didn't they get it?! What did they know? And why did they even care about  about what i wore?
Tina Haagensen. Photo from:
Now, i don't worry about people not getting it
...I don't care.
And that’s thanks to all of those people who have never been scared of showing who they are.    
We need young, old, vibrant, fresh, grungy, living role models!       
The clue here isn't that we should all be fashionistas or interested in design and fashion, but that we should all dear to be ourselfs!! 
And know, that there are always someone else like us out there. (This post had some line spaces, but suddenly the post didn't work, so they all disappeared. Yeej..) 

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