Monday, 9 February 2009

Tired, broke and soon to get money..

I'm back from rehearsal, tired as hell and it feels like a freight-train just rolled through my mind. I've been broke for a while, as i always am in the end and the start of the month and i'm REALLY looking farward it...YES i am..!

U know what i'm gonna do? I'm gonne go to every single one of the vintage stores i know i Oslo and i'm gonna find treasures i can treasure my hole life!! WohoOO! I just feel like i have to "re-do" myself a bit cause, i don't know... I need a change! And i do collect clothes.. to me they're like words in a book, a painting or a song. They can say so much and they can mean a lot if you find a piece you feel truly is like a mirror to your soul. Many might say that sounds foolish and that clothes mean nothing of that kind. Well, to me they do. 

And i'm gonna finish the cather in the rye, that i started but never got to finish because i've been crazy busy. But i love it so far. 

I'm also planning my solo-music project which is exciting. And hard! but fun!

I will now go and get my self a glass of water, eat some food and then go to bed...JEEY, bed!!
(When i grow old, and i'm sick of living, i think i'll want to live just for the sake of dreaming while i sleep. I love it!)

Hope you're not sad! Cause you seem like a nice person! Goood night to yall!

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