Monday, 2 February 2009


Well, it's monday, I've had the day of and just been sitting around doing band-paper-work. Aand i've listned to some good music of course! Right now there's a photographer in our living-room taking pictures of my mum and me for a piece on children moving away from home and how parents keep living after that. It's nice! We took some pictures in my room, and i like that cause i've finaly got it how i want it. 

I'm waiting for rehearsal-time with the band while i'm in kind of a sucky-mood... Feeling heart-broken, selfish and feeling sorry for my self while my inner voice tells me that i have to stand up straight and not be a weak soul.... blæ...I am a week soul:P 

Weelll...writing a lot lately and right now i'm drinking blueberry juice, jup, interesting fact!

Hola out if u feel the need, i know i will!! 

Looking good as always!! 

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