Monday, 5 January 2009

names i love

People you might like.

Gillian Welch- favourite songwriter
Brennen Leigh- favourite songwriter/singer/person
Norah Jones- music, early stuff as well as the little willies
Riccy Skaggs -bluegrass musician
Tim O'Brien - bluegrass musician
The Lonesome River band - bluegrass band
Dan Tyminski - bluegrass musician
Pushwagner - Artist
Felicien Rops - Artist
Jolie Holland - musician
Devon Sproule - musician
Ivar Brynildsen - favourite musician
Stacey Earle - favourite musician
Pat Metheny - guitarist
Allison Krauss - favourite musician
Ella Fitzgerald - amazing musician

I'll update this now and many name, only so much finger power to write with at the time. 

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