Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Drunken angel-lucinda wiliams

Allright, i'm gonna do every other one in english. Just because i need to:P And sorry but, yes, my english writing does suck!

Jeez, in the cantine at LIPA, hungover, really dizzy and weird in my head! I'm gonna go for a beer later and THAT i am looking farward to... not get hammered, just have a beer... ah, nice! 
I have this weird energy in me to day. I've been so tired these last couple of months and now suddenly i got my light back. It's wonderfull! But it also causes trubble...yes, trubble! i am a pain in the ass to enyone who crosses my path, being hyper, crazy, laughing out loudly as i am in a crazy spasm and i also started hitting people just a few min ago. 
So yes, ay ay, be carefull if you see a wolly weird creature on it's way in you're direction!

i'm gonna put my self in a longboat utill i'm sober!...oh, tiredness just hit me....oh well... sleepy sleepy time. I'm gonna stop writing now and talk to my beautifull friend Naomi:D

Love love!

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