Saturday, 17 March 2012

I'd do anything for a Nudie Suit

A Nuide Suit isn't just a grament by a brand it's a fenomenon! A style, a storyteller and the history of country as it should be.

Nudie Cohn was a tailor, the first one to put rhinestones on clothing. It stared in the 1930's and with him making g-strings for showgirls at that time. He quickly moved up and became the the Rhinestone Cowboy.

Circa 1970′s, Los Angeles, CA– Nudie costomized each of his many cadillacs, protecting his work with plastic. This one is decorated with silver dollar coins and 14 various guns. –Image by © Jeff Albertson

His wife Bobbie

His suits became iconic. And everybody who was somebody big at that time in country influenced music wore his suits.

Now i'm browsing the net just looking at them... they are truly amazing and has inspired some of the great fashion houses to day. From MIU MIU's cummer collection 2010:

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