Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cutting my hair!

So... i wanted long hair for a looong time. And i KNOW that when you do you should cut your hair so and so often. But... i fell for the temptation that a lot of girls who want long hair do; They just don't cut it. And it ends up being long, but not so healthy.

So i decided to cut it myself last week:P Not because i'm good at cutting my own hair, but just because i wanted to..
 Am i really doing this?!
 You bet ya!
 Hmm..but how...
 I'm loosing some length..

 And this is how it ended up. You might not be eble to see that big of a change:P But i do! Haha..
 And i'm going to try to cut it regulary in the future.. And hopefully i'll get the long and healthy hair i want!

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