Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday - here we go again!

Aaallright people!

Monday it is! I feel more energetic than i normally do on Mondays and it feels good!

I've been trying to figgure out what i want to be when i grow up, and let me tell you something; it ain't easy! But if you haven't tried it before, you ought'a give it a go. I studied psycology a couple of years a go and, eventough i am disturbingly facinated with the brain and how we worked, thought maybe it's just not something i wanna have as my profession. Now i find my self back where i started and i'm thinking; maybe it is! Ah, man, it feels good!
I might change my mind tomorrow, but right now that's what i'm going for.
If it'll be now or in tree years though, i don't know.

Later tonight i am rehearsing with the dudes in the band and that's gonna be swell. We are doing some last minuite vocal arrangements for some of the songs on our new album.

Aww, my!!!!
I just remember that there's something i have forgotten to tell you!!
June last year we were awarded #1 European Bluegrass Band 2011!
As the first Norwegian band ever!

Here's a picture of us doing a cafe gig in Holland were we won the award.

A good times!

Enjoy your day ;)

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