Sunday, 26 February 2012

The last week


What a week! I've been in the studio, played two gigs, had a great writing session and to day the sun i shining! I'll take you through my week just for the fun of it!

I've been working on a sunny day:

I've brought the 80's back for a day:

 I've been in a car:
I've worn one of my favourit dresses with my favourit sweater:
Been in the studio with the band:
I've been ill(haha, what a face!):
I wore this:

I got ready for last night's gig:
 Vintage dress from FN92.
 I wanted to wear my hair down, but it covered the shoulder piece so i had to wear it up...

 I tried this first...
 ... but since i do dance around a lot on stage i figured i needed something with a bit more hold:
I've already been to the store today to buy some Sunday first aid kit to me and the boyfriend:
 My all time favourite coat by Designers Remix

Now: I am sitting in front of the TV watching Fame, wondering what sort of milkshake i want when i get to the Night Hawk Diner later...

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