Friday, 11 February 2011

The day of Vixen Blog Awards

The day of Vixen Blog Awards. First cup of coffee:

Second cup of coffee:
Went down to 4SOUND to kill sometime. First cup of hot chocolate:

Still at 4SOUND. Today's first (and last) cup joke. (I'm all shook up)
Met Signe at Fretex Unica to try on some clothes for the event. I had to capture these shoes cause i thought they were so cute...
Finally home. It's time to get my groove on!
Signe and myself!
Moi! Wearing: Dress-ACNE, Jacket-Fretex Unica, Purse-vintage, neckless-don't know, shoes-ACNE
At the end of the night i i hooked up with these awsomely jewled up peeps!
The day after:
 HAHA. It took quite a while to get all of the spray and everything out of my hair the next day. Pink bathrobe.. me likee.
 But in the end i got it aaall out! And my hair was all flat again.. Dou!

 Pictures from: myself,


Polliani said...

du så fantastisk ut.. jeg har flyttet bloggen min til, fortsett å følge meg der med bloglovin :)

Malin said...

Tusen takk, og i LIGE måde!! Kjolen var helt drøyt rå!!

Selvfølgelig fortsetter jeg å følge deg der. Noe annet kunne ikke falle meg inn;)