Monday, 31 January 2011

I think i have a thing for skirts?

Sooo. Five years ago i wasn't really comfortable wearing skirts, don't know why, but the last four years i've totally fallen in love. Probably because i "found" myself a bit more growing up. Here are three of my favourits so far from the Pre Fall 2011 collections.

This first one is from ACNE's Pre Fall 2011 collection. I really, really love this fabric!!! Really... really like it..

This one is from Francesco Scognamiglio Pre Fall 2011 collection. I'm not crazy 'bout the boots, but i am loving the blouse and skirt together!

And finally... Ah... What can i say? I just adore it! It's from Luca Luca's Pre Fall 2011 collection. It really reminds me of a skirt i have that my grandma used to wear when she was young. It has the same sort of belt and if you couple it with a blouse, it's just like a little piece of heaven!

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