Monday, 27 December 2010

MANDOLIN for christmas!

My boyfriend is freakn' amazing! He got me my first mandolin! I love it and of course i started to cry when i opened it (as you can see in this photo).
I got something else that made me jump as well, an ACNE dress that i've been looking at for so long!
Tonight i'm playing a gig at Dattra til Hagen on Grønland and i'm going to wear my new ACNE dress! And it's gonna match my guitar: They're both black.

You should come down and join us! Starts at 20.00. Anna Lena, who's playing after me, is amazing!


Bum said...

Is it difficult to play, or is it easy for someone who is used to play the guitar?

Anonymous said...

I can't go to the jig!!! living in Spain... :(
Enjoy your mandolin Malin!!!!