Sunday, 3 October 2010


So, everything is now IN the apartment. Might sound weird, but believe me: It was NOT a piece of cake! The only thing left now is to find a place for each and every thing. My poor boyfriend, I don't think he's ever seen so many things gathered in one place before. We went out last night(woho!!), so we're still sitting in the couch waiting to get started on today's "work". I think we'll probably start soon!.... yes. definitely pretty soon.. I think...

I'm just gonna play with this chestnut for a while..


Guruizzm said...

I believe you! :p

you look so cute without make up on!

Malin said...

Thank you so much! I like to not wear make up all the time. So many girls feel naked without it, cause when you wear it all the time you get used to the made up face being you! I think it's so important to feel good in your own skin and not feel like you're looking at a stranger in the mirror without it on.

And it's such great fun when you DO decide to put some on;)

Thanks for reading!