Sunday, 31 October 2010

Miss shoees..

This was my outfit when going out on Friday. I had been looking forward to this weekend because i hoped i would be able to shift the soles of my new Acne shoes on friday, but when i delivred my shoes the man in the store said they'd bee done on monday. So i think this outfit would have been a tad cooler with some killer shoes from Acne:P But it still worked. Had a bit of eye shadow on and everything, that's not really often! But i think i should do it more..

The T-shirt has fringes on the shoulders and i love that about it. The tights are actually sort of leather ones but you can't tell on this photo. And the sweater i have on underneath the tee is one of my favourite ones. I'll show you the whole thing sometime soon!

Now i have to run!

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