Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Favourite T-shirt & new shorts!

Pose shmose

I finally found my favorite T-shirt! It ended up in some pile of clothing in the moving proses, and now it's out in the light again. Bought it the first time i went to Weekday in CPH and i have loved it ever since. What makes it even more cool is that the name of one of my best friends is on it; Mary.

I'm also loving the shorts. Got it from my other best friend Marte the other night. We were out on a night around town and suddenly she drags these up from her bag and says: "Do you want these?" YES, please!
Can't wait to wear them with my new shoes <3

PS: Notice the airplane hanging from the roof. My granddad made it back in the days and now it's hanging from our ceiling:)

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