Sunday, 10 October 2010

Fashion "sense"

To me fashion is about expressing my self, how i feel on the inside expressed on the outside. And to me respect, fairness and personal principles are important. My view on this world is that we share it with everything else that inhabit it, on equal grounds. This to me means that there will always be a fight for survival and some animals eat other animals to make it. But killing something purely for the aesthetics of their skin or fur is to me, not understandable.

I do my best to buy things that are not made from animal skin or fur, but if i do i only buy products made from skin of animals that i also eat. And i am very engaged in the fight to enhance the life quality for the animals around the world that are a part of this circle.

I think it is amazing to see great international designers who keep their personal view on the world intact even though they are caught up in a world of fur and snake skin. Their lines express who they are, just as our clothes show who we are.

Stella McCartney is one of the designers who gives the fashionable people of this world a great alternative to other big brands.

"Everything in my store and every single garment and accessory that you see is cruelty free, in the sense that no animal has died to make anything in here. A lot of people out there don’t want products that an animal has had to die for." - Stella McCartney.

I do buy clothes from brands who uses fur, but i NEVER buy the outfits made from fur or exotic skins. This way, even though it's just little me and the effect might not be to big, i see it as my way of saying that i am not interested in that part of the brand.

Fashion should be fun, but it should never be ignorant or cruel.
And if you do choose to wear fur or exotic skins, you should at least have thought about why you have made that choice. Cause it is just that: a choice.

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