Saturday, 25 July 2009

NYLON magazine

Hey all of ya'll!

Maybe you've all read it before, maybe it's old news, but i don't care i have to proclaim my love for NYLON magazine!
I picked up my first issue last sunday as i was hitting the coast of Sweeden, and i was mesmerized! I't bight be just because i (suitingly enough) picked up the music issue, but then again, i wouldn't know since it was my first time. 

I discovered loads of new music, both big, up and coming folks, and smaller groups and artists that has just recently started to get credz around. Eventhough all the music didn't hit my M-spot it's still awsomly done my a magazin to bring these people forward and open peoples eyes to them. Yeey i say!

Also, check out Lula magazine, for the people who hasn't already (Thanks mari;). You can find them online at or at the nearest kiosk that has a good collection of magazines. They have great photographers and picture-scenes that will surely make you heart beat a bit warmer and slower!

And! and this is a big and...
If you love, like or is even the sligthest-bit fashionably turned-on by good streetstyle photos,; this is the place to go! 
as well as:
Wich is amazing....!

I'll post more of stuff i like when i have some more time on my hands...
Meanwhile, check this stuff out! (And while you're checking out nylon, be sure to check out some of the bands on myspace or itunes!)

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