Sunday, 28 December 2008


Well, i have to write a little bit about past events; I recently went to visit my friends back in liverpool! It was so much fun! ....and i spent way to much money...unfortunatly, aaand very pleasant... Finaly i got the leather pants i've always wanted, perfect fit! I also got myself some shiny shiny high-heeled ankle-boots. And of course, t-shirts, vintage dresses and a bag and more. Liverpool is a great place for vintage shooping! With stores like Raiders, 69A, POPbutique and bullet. 

And of course i got to see my beautiful friends again! I stayed with Monikiki and Guro and we had a blast! Went out, stayed in bought food, made food, went to see a play (that was great by the way) and just hung out! 

U see, i used to study in Liverpool, at LIPA, it's a music/acting/dance school. I had some fun, but the best part was all of the wonderfull people...and of course...the vintage shops!

U should all go there if u get the chance. I do have to tell u though, the city takes some getting used to, but u'll like it, i'm sure! Cause ur so pretty.

Have a blast people!

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